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The iCarly with One Direction is on. I have realized I’m a mix of Gibby and Sam on this.

Okay, I am a 110% Gibby….

The iCarly with One Direction is on. I have realized I’m a mix of Gibby and Sam on this.

Beside You (Niam One Shot)

Author’s Note: Based on 5SOS’s song “Beside You”. Pretty much Management isn’t happy with Niam’s relationship so they send Liam with Harry to LA.

"I miss you Payno," Niall sighed into the phone.

"I miss you too Nialler." Liam replied quietly, in the bed next to his Harry was already peacefully asleep. "I’ll be home soon. I promise."

"Why do you have to be in LA anyways? It isn’t fair." Niall grumbled. He hated the arrangement their management had made to get rid of any rumors about him and Liam that were circulating. Except, they weren’t rumors. Management just didn’t want the truth to be told.

"Ni, you know if I had control over this, I’d be back home with you." Liam groaned running a hand over his face. He glanced at Harry hearing him make a noise in his sleep. Quietly he got up and went out to the balcony adjoined to their room so Harry could sleep easier. "I love you Niall. I’ll be home soon."

"How soon?" Just by Niall’s voice, Liam could tell Niall was holding back tears.

"Management said it was just for a week." Liam tried comforting. "I’ll be home by Monday."

"It’s too far away." Niall complained, "I want you home now, not in four days. I already spent three days without you. This isn’t fair.”

"I know," Liam sighed running his hand through his hair. "I know it isn’t fair. It’s how they want to deal with our relationship though. If I could you know I’d be on the first flight back home."

Niall nodded even though Liam couldn’t see it. “Yeah. What time is it there?”

Liam glanced into the room at the alarm clock through the door, “about three in the morning.”

"Why aren’t you asleep?" Niall asked suddenly concerned his boyfriend was awake. "Is Harry asleep?"

"I can’t sleep. Harry is asleep already." Liam leaned against the rail of the balcony.

"Liam, you need to sleep. I can call back at a better time for you." Niall argued.

"I’m fine Niall. Sides, where the hotel is at, I can actually see the stars instead of city lights." Liam smiled looking up at the sky.

"Really?" Niall smiled, excited for his boyfriend. The fact he could see stars in LA was something short of a miracle. "Describe them to me."

"They’re beautiful Ni. Really bright and shiny too." Liam laughed softly. He tilted his head back and laughed again, "the Big Dipper is practically above me."

"It’s cause the North Star is pointing to what I want the most." Niall said quietly. Liam could hear his smile was still there, but it was a sad one.

"Oh Ni." Liam sighed quietly. "I love you. Part of why I can’t sleep is cause I’m not beside you."

Niall was quiet for a moment before Liam heard him take a hard, shaky, deep breath. “I wish I was beside you too Liam,” his voice was full of tears.

Liam took a deep breath too. Both of them crying on the phone wouldn’t be a good idea. “I love you so much, and these four days are going to go so fast Niall. I promise.”

Niall nodded again. “I love you, Liam. Come home soon.”

"I will. I’ll be there soon." Liam promised looking back up at the stars above him. His eyes found the North Star easily. "I’ll come home soon Niall."